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Document Guide

When applying for jobs, please ensure you have the original or copy of your certification or other documentation needed. Some employers will require the following:


  • This document is required to show the qualifications and experiences of the candidate. This is a chance for the employer to see the person behind the name, so include any teaching related experiences and personal qualities that you think will make you a suitable candidate for the role. Please make sure to include a photo of yourself on your application


TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certification

  • There are a wide variety of certificates teachers can undertake, but these are the most internationally recognized. Unless stated, there is generally not a bias towards any of these certifications carrying a higher value than the others. This is also the same for the type of course, for example 120 hour or 150 hour TEFL.
  • However it is fundamental that we are able to gain a copy of certification to verify your qualification. If you have recently finished a course, please make sure a confirmation email is available to temporarily prove your teaching status. For candidates who are currently undertaking this course, please include this in your CV so our team are aware of your training.


Bachelors/Master’s/ PhD Degree Certification

  • For candidates who have a bachelor’s degree or higher, please provide a copy of the certificate. The main purpose is for work permits which are more difficult to obtain and considerably more expensive than those who do not have a degree. The certification should have the information of: your name, date of study, location of study and the subject they have studied as a bare minimum.


CRB/ Police Clearance (Where applicable)

  • For candidates in full time roles, a criminal check may be requested for the candidate. Usually this is undertaken in your home country and can be emailed across. For more information on how to obtain this, please visit your government website.


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