Best destinations to spend Christmas in Vietnam!

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Are you spending Christmas in Vietnam this year? Read on to see how you can enjoy the most the Christmas celebrations and magic of Holiday season in Vietnam. Get excited for a time in a complete change of scenery in a country still imprinted by many different influences.

How is Christmas in Vietnam celebrated ?
Nowadays, Christmas in Vietnam is greeted with enthusiasm by the locals. They happily join the celebrations and decorate the cities. Many offices and shops put up elaborate adornments with a quite Western look full of lights, bright garlands adorning Christmas trees and Santas.

Hang Ma, a street in the Old Quarter of Hanoi, sells all kinds of ever-changing holiday decorations and adapts quickly to the Christmas spirit as soon as the winter season starts.

What happens on Christmas Eve
Christmas eve is also an occasion for celebration in Vietnam and the opportunity to go out and gather everyone. Christmas is among the most important for Vietnamese whether they are Christians or not. They will enjoy some of the Christmas night magic and have dinner out with the family.

So, if you come to spend Christmas in Vietnam, but still hesitate on where to go for Christmas Eve, here are some ideas on what every major city in Vietnam offers as a celebration.

Christmas in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Church spirit on Christmas Eve
The two major cities of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are very active during Christmas and people often want to celebrate Christmas in Catholic cathedrals. In Hanoi, the temperature is colder so make sure you don’t forget to bring a warm coat. In Ho Chi Minh though, it will be just like summer! The famous St. Joseph’s Cathedral of Hanoi (which looks a little like that of Notre Dame de Paris) attracts many people as well as the surrounding of Hoan Kiem Lake.

As far as Ho Chi Minh City is concerned decorations are numerous, and you will find decorated and lighted trees, as well as Santa’s everywhere. There, the cathedral of Notre Dame is very popular on Christmas Eve.

Dinner at a prestigious hotel
In general, during the Christmas period, hotels offer luxury buffet dinners as well as performances or performances accompanying the meal. These hotels include Sofitel Métropole in Hanoi or the Hilton Hanoi Opera hotel, Melia Hanoi or the Hotel des Arts of Ho Chi Minh City.

Ask our agents for advice on choosing the one that suits you best for the Christmas meal in Vietnam.

Attend a music show at Hanoi Opera House

On Christmas Eve and on the 25th there are several musical performances held in Hanoi, especially in the area of the French Quarter near the Opera but a show at the Opera itself is a must.

A magical Christmas in Hoi An, Vietnam
Hoi An is a fishing village. Once an important port in Southeast Asia, which still retains a lot of charm and influences in its architecture as much Japanese or Chinese as French. Its picturesque location on the banks of the Thu Bon River gives it the air of Venice. You will be able to enjoy the gastronomy of the central cuisine, take the bicycle everywhere, have clothes tailor-made to you in one of the many tailors of the city (or shoes and bags) and try activities such as fishing or farming. Moreover, it is an excellent city to come practice yoga and enjoy spa treatments. And to wrap it up, there is the beach! Just a short boat ride to the coast.

Try to be there around the Lantern Festival and you will be treated to a romantic and warm atmosphere when the city is plunged into darkness and you only see the lights of the glittering lanterns floating along the river.

Christmas in Dalat, Vietnam “little Paris”

Dalat or “little Paris” was nicknamed by the Vietnamese. During Christmas, it becomes the city of flowers in December. This year, You can attend the Festival of Flowers from 23 to 27.

Christmas in Sapa, Vietnam

If you want to spend a more typical Christmas, embrace the cold and maybe the snow of Sapa in December. Hotels looking like chalets and the mountains is a bit like going to winter sports. Northern Vietnam landscapes will dazzle your eyes.

Christmas in the sumptuous Halong Bay

Give yourself the best Christmas gift and come celebrate on a family junk. You can get truly royal cruises in Halong Bay. Imagine having your family on board for a unique moment. You will experience the comfort of a 5-star boat while everything is taken care of in the tiniest details. And, added to that are entertaining activities, unlimited massage and even jacuzzi in your own bathroom. The weather at this time is generally pleasant. Give your family an exceptional Christmas in one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Find that the choice is difficult, right? Just think of how special it will be to spend Christmas in Vietnam! Any chosen destination is already a whole new exciting experience. Some luxuries lie simply in doing something different from the usual.



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